To assure the quality of our meals our kitchen adheres to a strict criterion, cleanliness
being paramount:

  • We prepare all dishes fresh when ordered.
  • We use only fresh products from the local markets selected by our chef.
  • All meat or fish products are selected personally by our Chef. As far as is possible
    we avoid the use of frozen products of any kind.  
  • We bake our own bread and rolls.
  • All cakes we offer are home made.
  • All pasta we offer is home made.
  • All salads and fruits are washed in purified water.
  • We try to avoid the usage of products that contain preservatives
Rainbow Village
La Ceiba, Col. Confite
2 minutes from the airport
Cel.  +504 3390-2650, 9620-1003
Tel:   +504 2408-5696
 +504 2442-1997